BOSTITCH HurriQuake(TM) nail. This nail out preforms all other nail gun fasteners. The innovative design excels in withdrawal values. The building code evaluation lists the withdrawal value of 50 pounds per inch for the 0.113 inch diameter (8d box or cooler equivalent diameter) the value for a 8d box is 20 pounds per inch, and the withdrawal value of 57 pounds per inch for the 0.131 inch diameter (8d common equivalent diameter) the value for a 8d common is 23 pounds per inch (based on a specific gravity of equal or greater than 0.44).

The nail feature a head diameter of 0.321 inches this compares to the 0.265 inch diameter head of a 8d box or cooler and the 0.281 inch diameter head of a 8d common. This increase in head size reduces pull-through failure.

Lateral Design values for the HurriQuake nail are slightly less than the values for the similar 8d box or common nails. However, when used for a wood structural panel. The shear values for the panels were slightly higher or equal to the standard values for the given in the IBC.

Given the excellent withdrawal value of the nail and the increased head size for pull-through. I strongly recommend this product for a replacement to 8d common nailing, especially on roof decking where the shear value of this nail greatly exceeds the value of ring shank nails.