Lloyd Edward Stiffler, P.E.

December 17, 1922 – July 19, 1998


    • Altoona High School, Altoona, Pennsylvania – 1940
    • Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
    • Carnegie Institute of Technology – 1948
    • Master of Science in Engineering (Civil)
    • Princeton University – 1955
    • Certificate of Completion (Command and Staff)
    U. S. Naval War College – 1965

Graduate courses in Civil Engineering (Construction)

    University of Illinois – summer 1966

Service Schools

    Considerable number of professional, technical, and managerial schools, courses, and programs.


4/47 to 10/47

    Designer/draftsman: Hunting, Larsen, and Dunnells; work consisted of design and drafting of small steel and concrete industrial buildings, including structural, architectural, drainage, foundation detailing, and other related tasks.

7/48 to 11/48

    Project Engineer, Standard Oil of Ohio (SOHIO); preliminary layout and design and engineering, progress control, and liaison for construction of utilities for the company’s refineries.

11/48 to 4/49

    Duty under instruction as a Lieutenant, junior grade, Civil Engineering Corps, U.S. Navy at the Civil Engineer Corps Officers School, Port Hueneme, California; the school provided an indoctrination course in the engineering phase of the Navy with special treatment of a practical nature, including administrative problems, maintenance engineering, etc. Reporting senior: CDR Boyd S. Brooks, CEC, USN.

5/49 to 4/50

    Duty as a LTJG, CEC, USN as Maintenance and Utilities Officer and Design Officer for the Public Works Department of the Naval Amphibious Base, Little Creek, Virginia; under the Public Works Officer, responsible for 350 civilian emloyees, and controlled the progress of all construction, maintenance, repair, and operation of the public works and public utilities on the station. Work involved rebuilding seven 260-man barracks, remodeling a gymnasium into a service club and naval exchange, rebuilding two wooden piers for LSTs, production of all steam and heat for the station, and coordination of the design and drafting activities of some fifteen engineers and draftsmen. Reporting senior: RADM (then CDR) J. F. Plichta, CEC, USN.

4/50 to 6/50

    Hospital as patient.

6/50 to 10/52

    Duty as a LT. CEC, USN as Assistant Public Works Officer, Naval Air Station, Key West, Florida; coordinated and directed all phases of construction, design, repair, maintenance, utilities, and transportation equipment for the station. Approximately 200 civilian employees, 60 enlisted men, and two officers were under my direct control. Work included paving several miles of penetration asphalt paving, replacement of a small-boat pier and shed, construction of a salt water storage tank for 10,000 gallon storage, foundation construction for 3200 KW diesel generators, planning for construction of new work in the amount of $10,000,000., budgetary control of $200,000. per quarter, operation of station telephone and housing facilities, construction of new entrance to station, etc. Reporting senior: CAPT (then LT) C. W. Turner, CEC, USN.

11/52 to 4/54

    Duty as LT, CEC, USN as Assistant Public Works Officer. Naval Station, Kodiak, Alaska; coordinated and directed all phases of construction, design, repair, maintenance, utilities, and transportation equipment for the station. Approximately 360 civilian employees, from 70 to 210 enlisted men, and from three to five officers were under my direct control. Work included 150,000 square yards of asphalt concrete pavement and subgrade preparation, preparation of many engineering projects for funding by the Congress and the sponsor Bureaus, planning and design of rock shed over mountain slide area between base and Kodiak, conversion of cold storage plant into naval exchange store, 8,000 feet of concrete curbing, major maintenance projects including exterior painting of 30 to 35 industrial buildings, landscaping over half ofthe station, etc. In addition, planned for new construction in an amount of $6,000,000., budgetary control of over $900,000. per quarter, operational control of power and steam production for entire station (2,500KW power load), etc. Reporting senior: CDR P. H. Bliss, CEC, USNR.

6/54 to 6/55

    Duty as LT, CEC, USN as student under instruction at Princeton University; awarded a degree of Master of Science in Engineering with a major in Harbor Engineering (Civil Engineering Department). Courses in structures, elasticity, waterfront structures, harbor engineering, municipal planning, etc. Reporting senior: Dr. M. J. Sollenberger, Head, Department of Civil Engineering, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey.

7/55 to 5/57

    Duty as LT and LCDR, CEC, USN as Project Management Officer, District Public Works Office, Naval Base, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; coordinated and directed planning, architectural, and engineering for all A & E contracts awarded by the DPWO in excess of $25,000 construction cost. Provided project control, budgeting, liaison with sponsors and engineering concerns, and directed design criteria. Five civilian engineers and one to two officers reported to me. Major works involved were $6,000,000 additions to Air Turbine Test facilities at Trenton; $5,000,000 plus facilities for test and experimentation at Lakehurst including runways, hangers, rocket sleds and tracks, equipment buildings, etc.; planning for new $4,000,000 administration building for the Fourth Naval District (never designed or built); etc. Sat as member of contract award and change order boards, and as member of contract negotiation board. Reporting senior: CAPT Hunt Martin, CEC, USN.

5/57 to 4/59

    Duty as LCDR, CEC, USN as Executive Officer, U.S. Naval Mobile Construction Battalion SIX; assisted in the command and coordinated the work and administration of a construction battalion of approximately 550 troops and 12 engineering officers. I had responsible charge of the construction plant and personnel during two 6-month deployments to Cuba and Puerto Rico, during which time the battalion constructed some 58 units of housing, attendant sewerage, five miles of 10-inch welded steel water line, three miles of welded steel 8″ and 12-inch POL pipelines, three 10,000 bbl bolted steel fuel tanks, twenty miles of chain link fencing, major repairs to supply piers, construction of a weapons assembly plant (reinforced concrete, 200 x 200), etc. Duties included the planning, scheduling, shipping, and general control of construction. Reporting senior: CDR V. E. Tregonis, CEC, USN.

5/59 to 10/61

    Duty as LCDR and CDR, CEC, USN as Special Assistant to the Director, and then Director, Facilities Planning Division, Bureau of Yards and Docks, Washington, D.C.; the Division, under the direction of the Director, oversees the facilities planning activities of the Bureau of Yards and Docks, and the Civil Engineer Corps Officers of the Navy. It develops standards for shore activities planning, advanced base structures and bases, and mobilization planning for the Navy with emphasis on the BUDOCKS activities. Participated as a member of the POIARIS site selection board for facilities to be constructed in the Pacific Ocean areas, and as a member of the Secretary of the Navy’s Board for the initial engineering evaluation report on a naval shore activity. As a result of this later Board, the facilities planning system of the Navy was significantly changed. Acted as a consultant to the Chilean Navy for repairs to the Naval Base at Talcahuano, Chile damaged as a result of the May, 1960 earthquake. Planned and designed new sheet steel bulkhead, in 30 feet water, 1400 meters in length, Planned an additional bulkhead 500 meters in length. Provided a preliminary engineering report for construction of shipbuilding ways for 2,500 ton vessels, and new concrete cruiser pier. Reporting senior: CDR L. R. Larson, CEC, USN.

10/61 to 7/63

    Duty as CDR, CEC, USN as Operations Officer, on the staff of Commander, Naval Construction Battalions, Atlantic Fleet, Davisville, Rhode Island; under the general guidance of the Commander, I directed the construction planning, scheduling, and employment of five naval construction battalions in the Atlantic Ocean area and Antarctica. Under my direction was the material procurement, shipping, construction equipment scheduling and repair, budgeting, etc. I also coordinated the requirements for funds, assignment of personnel, and selection of deployment sites. Works were constructed in Spain, Scotland, Greece, Italy, Morocco, Newfoundland, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Bermuda, Antarctica, Bahamas, New Zealand, and Turkey. The work involved all of the construction and engineering accomplished by the Atlantic Sea-bees. Reporting senior: RADM W. H. Heaman, CEC, USN.

7/63 to 5/65

    Duty as CDR, CEC, USN as Staff Civil Engineer and Curriculum Planner, Naval War College, Newport, Rhode Island; about 1/4 time was spent on planning of new facilities for the proposed expansion of the Naval War College, and providing advice and assistance in the daily maintenance operations of the plant. During my tenure, the Naval War College became involved in the planning for a new complex to completely replace its present facilities, in the amount of approximately $8,000,000 to $10,000,000. Reporting senior: CAPT G. S. Bogart USN.

1965 – 1967

    Drexel Institute of Technology – Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering and Director of the Construction Management Program. Initiated and administered an academic program at the graduate and undergraduate levels to provide educated personnel for construction. Acted as liaison between the Institute and the construction community. Lectured to construction groups on competitive bidding, computer uses, operations research applications, management games, value engineering, systems concepts in construction, etc.

1967 – 1971

    University of Delaware – Associate Professor of Civil Engineering, as well as Director of the Division of Technical Services and later Director of Marine Services. Taught construction engineering and management courses. Organized and administered state-wide industrial extension service that provided counseling, planning, research, management and programming assistance to industry and business. Projects included construction management consulting, educational programs for general contractors, industrial airpark planning, supervision of maintenance, opera lions planning, and construction at the Lewes Field Station, and budget control and business aspects of the College of Marine Studies.

1965 – 1971

    Consulting with Raynor C. Qvale and Associates, Los Angeles on construction procedures, construction education consultant to General Building Construction Association, Philadelphia, and Delaware Contractors Association; construction management consultant to five black contracting companies, Wilmington construction engineering consultant to Burr is Food Company on redesign of structures.

1972 – 1975

    Vice President: HAND.STIFFLER ASSOCIATES, INC.: Planning, engineering design, and project management of developments, engineering projects, and construction operations.


    Vice President: ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTANTS INTERNATIONAL, INC.: Environmental design and and planning of major land development projects.


    President: MAGNOLIA ENGINEERS, INC.: Planning and engineering design and general construction contractor, State-licensed.


    President: MAGNOLIA HOMES, INC.; Construction management and general contractor, State-licensed, commercial and residential construction.


    Vice President and Chief Engineer: GIVENS SURVEYING AND ENGINEERING CO., INC.: Planning and engineering design, and project management.


    President/Owner: L. E. STIFFLER, ENGINEER: Planning, engineering design, and construction management of structures, facilities, and developments (originally named Stiffler Associates).


    President: L. E. STIFFLER, ENGINEER, L.L.C.: Planning, engineering design, and construction management of structures, facilities, and developments.

States in which Registerd as Professional Engineer:

    • New Jersey – #8672
    • Pennsylvania – #011394E
    • Delaware – #3417
    • Alabama – #9652
    • Florida – #19194
    • Georgia – #9017
    Mississippi – #6027

Principal Publications:

    • “The Effects of Sea Water on Waterfront Structures”,Civil Engineer Corps Bulletin, July and August, 1955. Reprinted in the

Port Engineer

    • , Calculla, India, January, 1956. Reprinted in The Dock and Harbour Authority, London, England, September and October, 1957.

“We Fight, We Build”, Civil Engineer Corps Bulletin, July 1959 (with Major C. I. Sheehan, WSMC)

“Logex 60”, Navy Civil Engineer, August, I960

“New Shore Facilities Planning System”, Navy Civil Engineer, October, I960 (with Commander L. R. Larsen, CEC, USN)

“Mission to Chile”, Navy Civil Engineer, May, 1961

“Seabees-1961” Marine Corps Gazette, October, 1961

“An Organization for Construction Education”, Civil Engineering, March, 1967

“Why Not CPM?”, American Society of Civil Engineers Meeting Preprint, October, 1968

“Fenders and Fender Systems”, Master’s Thesis, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey, 1955

Scientific, Professional, and Civic Societies and Assignments:

    • American Society of Civil Engineers – Fellow
    • Committee on Project Planning – National 1965-71
    • Committee on Cost Estimating – National 1969-71 Chairman
    • Committee on Continuing Education -National 1968-71
    • National Society of Professional Engineers State-national liaison for PE’s in Education 1968-71
    • Permanent International Association of Navigation Congresses – Member
    • Building Research Advisory Board/Building Research Institute – Member
    • Committee on Construction Administration and Management 1968-69
    • Committee on Construction Cost and Estimating 1968-69
    • American Society for Engineering Education – Member 1965-71
    • Sigma Xi – Associate Member
    • Associated Schools of Construction – Individual Member (Past National Secretary-Treasurer) 1965-72
    • Delaware Council of Engineering Societies Chairman, Committee on Professional Development 1968-71
    • Greater Wilmington Development Corporation – Vice Chairman
    • Transportation Committee 1968-71
    • Health Planning Council of Delaware
    • Technical Advisory Committee 1968-69
    Torch Club of Delaware – Member (Inactive)