Department of Energy Software


REScheck-Web simplifies residential energy code compliance by automating trade-off calculations for the IECC and a number of state-specific codes. It performs just like the REScheck desktop version, but you don’t need to download or install any software on your computer. REScheck-Web has been updated with several modern functions, including a new interface, a dashboard of your projects, the ability to share projects with colleagues, the ability to create individual user profiles, and more


COMcheck-Web simplifies commercial and high-rise residential energy code compliance. It performs just like the desktop version of COMcheck, but you don’t need to download or install any software on your computer.

REScheck Tips:

REScheck Continuous R-Value – Enter the R-value of any continuous insulation in the above-grade wall. Continuous insulation is continuous over framing members or furring strips and is free of significant thermal bridging. The R-values of other parts of the building assembly (e.g., gypsum board and air films) are accounted for by the program and should not be entered. The default value for a typical wall is a R-value of 0.83, and is used by the program if the Continuous R-Values is left blank or zero is entered.

If you need to calculate the R-value of components the following links help:

Colorado Energy R-Value Table

Insulation Values For Selected Materials